Background Colors

When you place your order, you will be given the choice to pick one of our three standard background colors, IF AND ONLY IF, you want to change the background in your photograph.

99% of our Portraits use the background in the photograph, as the background usually has some meaning to the Portrait, and often adds to the overall look of the Portrait. We also understand, there is occasionally something in the background you wish you could remove. No worries, as you can, if it is simple and easy to explain. Simply submit the photo, and leave the "As shown" box checked. Then in the "Comments" section, let us know the minor change you would like to make. As an example, you might want the photo centered, or to remove a person or object in the background.

If you want only the subject painted without the background in your photo, we also offer these 3 background colors to choose from when you place your order.

Background Sample


Background Sample


Background Sample