Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.Plutarch

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Portrait of Sarah

A Day on the Diamond is the number one on-line destination for original hand painted art work. We turn your favorite and most beloved images and photographs into original hand painted oil portraits. While there are other companies online that offer a seemingly similar service – no one does exactly what we do – or does it better!

Our artists are the finest in the world. Our materials are the best. We demand perfection. Our motto is “It might be your portrait but it’s our artwork.” We stand by our name. That is why we have over 10,000 satisfied customers from all over the world and from all walks of life. Many of our customers are repeat buyers. Others are referrals and a growing percentage of our clients have read about us through online searches.



“Jaw Dropping”


These are just a few words that are often used to describe our portraits when they arrive into our customer’s homes. believes that the portrait should inspire some emotional connection to its buyer. If you’re not moved in one way or another – then we haven’t done our job.

Whether your photograph is of an event, celebrating the life of a loved one or much loved possession – our artists will capture the essence and the spirit of your image – in the most stunning way imaginable!

Each and every portrait is hand painted by one of our staff artists. Attention is paid to exact and specific details. Through our artist’s talent and imagination, we breathe life into even the most minimal and nuanced details in every image. We leave no detail untouched. We do not mass produce. We believe in quality over quantity.

“I am so blown away by my painting. This portrait perfectly captures my performances at my Santa Fe cabaret room. The portrait is so beautiful, so exquisite, so rich in color, detail and depth of field – really sensational. The portrait will always remind me of my Santa Fe chapter in life. Thank you.”

David Geist, Concert pianist, cabaret performer, composer, conductor and educator

David Geist

“I have never seen a portrait this incredible in my life. The portrait is more than amazing and incredible. From this point on any photo that I love that means the world to me I will send to”

Brian Harmon, Recording Executive for artists Prince, Public Enemy, Ice-T and Eminem

Chuck D, rapper, author, producer and leader of the group Public Enemy.

Brian "Champtown" Harmon

Portrait of a Cowboy

Faithful Companion

Our Story headquarters are just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. OilPortraits is a privately held family company. We do little press or promotion. We are a boutique. We concentrate on the customer – not on media recognition.

Business leaders, executives and designers commission pieces from OilPortraits on a regular basis. Oil Portraits can be seen proudly hanging in the halls of Trump Properties, Miss Universe Organization, ABC News, Fox Network and a whole host of law offices and universities across the globe.

However, with all of the accolades surrounding OilPortraits from multi-million dollar companies that use our services, Oil Portraits is about touching hearts. We want to move people by working with your personal images.

OilPortraits takes just as much pride (if not more!) being displayed in homes across America’s heartland as we do being displayed in the corporate work place.

We do it all! We can paint your image of a bustling Wall Street group of CEO’s – or we can paint your image of a bushel of puppies – a first Holy Communion or a Bar Mitzvah – even a piece of cake!

We bring your idea to life. That is who we are. That is what we do best.

Once you order your portrait, our artists meticulously review and sketch the image.

After sketching, our artists begin the process of painting using only the highest grade of oil paints. Our artists are not trained by world masters. They are world masters.

We hope you will treasure your oil portrait for many years to come and share your new fine art with those you love the

Giving Back…

Naval Chief Yeoman - Honoring Life Through Art

OilPortraits is a seasoned and trusted on-line art company. After appreciating so much success, we wanted to give back in some way to our customers. In 2008, we developed a 501C3 non-profit called developed from a call to our headquarters from a U.S. military mom who lost her son in the front lines of the Iraq war. This grief-stricken mother wanted a portrait of her fallen son but did not have the resources. We wanted to help her keep the memory of her son alive.

Our customer representative met with OilPortrait’s President, Darrell Lynn, about how we could help. We thought, how can we create these portraits for those less fortunate? That’s when Darrell created our non-profit

Since 2008, we have created over 5000 Hero Portraits for 9/11 families, fallen police officers, military, St. Jude Hospital and many other less fortunate people. We hope you take a look at our sister non-profit site,, when you have a moment.