The Story

Darrell and Kimberly Lynn

Darrell and Kimberly Lynn

Oil Portraits was started over 10 years ago as the Lynn's have been directly involved in the interior design and art field for over 20 years. During this time they traveled the world buying original antique art for their personal collection. Then they designed and painted original art for the major interior design projects they were installing around the world. Once the art being designed and supplied by the Lynn's became so successful, they decided to offer hand painted oil portraits to the masses in the USA. After some years of testing and determining which sizes and how the prices could be affordable, they launched Having an exclusive group of master artist, the Lynn's were able to guarantee work for their artist by offering portraits at incredible pricing. The amount of portraits being supplied was at a level that all artists are now exclusive to Oil Portraits and thus they work full time. This combination of pricing and master artists’ was perfect to be able to launch this company. Now with thousands of portraits painted annually and artist working full time, the Lynn's have filled homes around the USA with beautiful oil portraits as heirlooms to hand down from generation to generation. Then in the winter of 2009 they received a call from a mom who wanted a portrait of her son killed in Iraq. That very night www.HeroPortraits.Org was launched and today every dollar received at Oil Portraits goes directly to Hero Portraits and provides, free of charge, Hero families with portraits of their Hero. This could not be done were it not for the customers of Oil Portraits.

The Process

Every original hand painted Portrait starts with a clean canvas and we use only the best quality oil paint and materials. All are painted by hand, by Master Artists, and each follows the process shown below.

The Porcess

The Comparison

We only use Master Artists and not apprentice Artists, thus our quality is superior in every way. All Portraits go through a detailed quality control process at the Artist Studio. They are then carefully inspected and stretched for packaging in our Studio located in Tennessee. Every Portrait is painted from scratch, and we never print on canvas then add elements of paint to give the appearance of an Original Portrait. We offer Realism and Impression styles, both masterfully done to last for generations.

Even a novice can notice the obvious difference in quality from an Apprentice Portrait Artist and a Master Portrait Artist. Take for example the simple comparison below.

Competitor's PortraitNotice how the hands, face, eyes, and mouths are not in proportion. Also look at the way the hair is painted and the background colors along with the facial expressions. This is a typical painting from most all of the lower quality Artist. Now imagine this quality, and then the portrait being shipped to you in a tube and rolled inside. Compare this with ours painted only by Master Artist which we paint, prepare, and pack such that they can be handed down for generations to come.

Our PortraitNotice the soft strokes in the hair, face, and background. The shadow effect shown on the wall. Look at the detail of the lace on the dress, and especially notice the eyes and facial expression. The proportions are perfect, and it is painted as though you are standing just beside her. This is the work of a true Master Artist and the quality you will receive from

How we Pack and Ship?

We will never send your Portrait rolled in a tube:
Many companies do not fully disclose that your portrait is actually painted on synthetic canvas and then simply rolled in a tube and shipped directly to you. You are then required to have it stretched on stretcher bars, a backing added and then framed.

Stretching the canvasEvery Portrait from is carefully inspected, Museum Stretched (the paint is carried around all four sides after stretching) on premium stretcher bars.

All About Us is a US-based company started by two artist who have traveled the world buying art and developing an incredible network of Master Artists. Through this network, was started some four years ago to offer wonderful hand-painted Portraits that can be handed down from generation to generation. offers 100% Hand-Painted Original Oil Portraits of your children, parents, grandparents, weddings, sporting events, pets and/or of your home, at very affordable prices, and available in just 12-14 weeks. This is an estimate only as some may be quicker and some could take a little longer. The process is quite simple and offers you the most wonderful Portrait available today. Our Artists are trained to provide beautiful Original Oil Portraits, at prices not customary to the Original Oil Portrait market.

There are a number of companies offering "Original" Oil Portraits at prices "too good to be true". Portraits from these companies are often computer generated, and "re-touched" to look, original. Some actually use a computer operated "digital painter" to simulate an Original Oil Portrait. Be absolutely assured that every Portrait from is 100% original, of the highest quality, and 100% hand-painted, by professionally trained Portrait Artists. Many of our Artists work from their home studio and have refined their technique in order to specialize in Portrait Painting.

Be assured your Portrait will be of the highest quality. It is very important to understand that the quality of your Portrait is directly related to the quality of the photograph you supply. You simply need to upload or mail us your photograph. We carefully review each photo and correct any obvious flaws or background items, which you might want to have removed.

Once our Artist has completed your Portrait, it will be returned to our facility in Tennessee where we will conduct quality review, inspection, canvas stretching and packing. The total process, from your order to your receipt of your Portrait, is approximately 12-14 weeks. This schedule begins once your photo has been received.

Thank you for choosing, as your Portrait is a great way to preserve your memories for a Lifetime.