Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?
    Our Studio is located in Tennessee, and we ship daily to clients around the World.
  2. Are these 100% Original Hand-Painted Portrait?
    Yes, each Portrait is painted by a Certified Professional Portrait Artist, and starts with a clean white canvas, where only the best oils and materials are used to produce your Original Oil Portrait.
  3. Where are they painted?
    We have Artists around the world and have hand selected a group of Professionally Trained Artists, which specialize in Portrait Painting. Most all of our Artists work from their studio, and work exclusively for us.
  4. How long does it take to receive my order?
    All orders usually take between 12-14 weeks to complete. This time frame is an estimate only, as some can be quicker and some may take longer. It is impossible to guarantee a ship time, as every portrait is hand painted and varies with our work-load and order complexity. Holidays and Special Occasions such as Graduation, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, etc. may require a little more time. We encourage orders around these occasions to be sent in as soon as possible.
  5. Will I be notified regarding the progress on my Portrait?
    We have designed a very simple automated system to keep you posted on the status of your order. You will receive three emails throughout the process. They are:
    • A confirmation email of your order acceptance.
    • A confirmation email that your Portrait has been completed and is in drying time.
    • A confirmation email that your Portrait has been shipped with a tracking number.
  6. Can I preview my portrait prior to receiving it?
    No, we have chosen not to offer this service, as history has shown us this does not assist in a better Portrait. We do not believe it is a good idea to try to describe, in words, what changes you might want an Artist to make, to an already completed work of art. Our Artists are the best in this Trade, and each has in excess of 20 years of Portrait Painting experience.
  7. What do I do if I only have a hard copy of my photo, slide, or negative?
    First, you can simply send us the photo, slide or negative, and we will scan it into our system and make a copy as noted in Section 21 below. You may also go to your local photocopy shop and make a High Resolution color copy of your photograph, slide, or negative, or you can scan the photograph, slide, or negative and email the photo to us through our secure website Ordering System. If you elect to photocopy and mail your order, you may want to enlarge the copy, if clarity is an issue. Then simply mail the copy, with your order form and payment.
  8. What type of photo is best to use?
    The quality of your Portrait is a direct result of the quality of your photo. It does not necessarily need to be a Professional Photograph to be able to make a beautiful Portrait. Sometimes the best Portraits are from casual and un-expected poses and photographs.
  9. Will my photo be returned?
    Yes. We return all Original Photographs we receive. Should you make a copy to send to us, we will keep this on file; in case you choose to order another Portrait.
  10. Can you make modifications to my photo/portrait?
    Yes, we can and often do make minor changes. When ordering, there is a Comment Section for you to note any minor change you might want. For example, "remove the boat in the background," or "center me from the photo to the Portrait".
  11. Can I send a photo taken by a Professional Photographer?
    It is your responsibility to make sure you own the photograph copyright you are sending to us. If unsure, please contact the Professional Photographer who took the picture, to receive permission. If you took the photo, then you own the right to it.
  12. Can you make Portraits from Old/Damaged photos?
    Yes, we can take an old black and white or sepia toned photograph, and paint a beautiful Hand Painted Oil Portrait. Any obvious damage and/or age blemishes on the photograph will be removed when the Portrait is painted. In addition, we can colorize the Black & White Portrait. It is important to note that the colors chosen are at the discretion of the Artist. Please note the Black and White Section on the Web Site, or in the Brochure, to see an example of a Black and White Photo, which has been colorized. If you have basic color request, please note these in the Comment Section on the Order Form.
  13. Can you combine subjects from several photos into one Portrait?
    If you wish to combine photos into the final photo to be painted, then you will need to have this done by you or a graphic artist. The edited photo does not have to be perfect but it needs to show the correct subject proportions to each other, layout and colors you wish to be in your final painting. Only one photo can be uploaded to place an order. We can delete items from photos and make minor changes to the uploaded photo as noted in the comments box. These requested changes need to be simple, clear and usually limited to deleting items.
  14. You note a maximum of 5 subjects in the largest Portrait. Can we have a Portrait made with more than 5?
    Yes, you can. Just email us a request, and we will price accordingly. The cost is $75, per added subject.
  15. How do I count the number of subjects?
    When painting people and/or animals (pets), each are considered a Subject. For example, a couple with 2 dogs would be a total of 4 subjects. If they were standing in front of their home, then their home would not be an added subject (it is part of the background). If, for example, you wanted a Portrait of your Antique Car with you in front, then this would be considered 2 subjects (The car and you). Don't worry, if you are not sure just use or best judgment, or email us and we will be glad to assist.
  16. What is Realism vs. Impressionism?
    A Realism Portrait will be painted to look as closely like the actual photograph as possible. Impressionism, is a painting process that, once complete, gives the overall impression of the photograph, with less detail and importance to facial expressions, etc. Please look under our Pricing and Features Section to compare these 2 styles.
  17. What is Museum Wrap?
    This is how we stretch your canvas Portrait onto the stretcher bars. A 3/4" thick stretcher bar is used for each Portrait. We have our Artist paint the background color of the Portrait larger than the actual "shown" size, so that when we stretch the canvas around the stretcher bar, the painting actually goes completely around the side. Then we staple the canvas to the BACK of the stretcher bar, and not on the side. This will allow you to possibly hang your beautiful Portrait without a frame. Please look at our Pricing and Features Section, which will show you a sample of Museum Wrapping.
  18. Is Museum Wrapping (stretching) an additional charge?
    No, all of our Portraits are carefully inspected and Museum Wrapped (stretched) in our US Studio, just before shipping. This service is included in the prices noted on the Pricing Chart.
  19. Do you offer frames?
    Not at this time. The frame is so specific to the Portrait, room, and décor, we think it should be chosen after the Portrait is complete. We recommend you use your local framer to assist in choosing the perfect frame to match the portrait and décor in your home.
  20. How are the Portraits packaged?
    We take special care and pride in inspecting, stretching, and especially packaging each and every Portrait. Every Portrait is carefully placed in a plastic envelope and carefully wrapped and boxed for shipping via FedEx ground.
  21. What makes your Portrait and Process better than others?
    There are actually 3 known competitor groups, which we do not believe offer the quality, pricing, and/or combination of both, with a total emphasis on painting an actual Original Oil Portrait from blank canvas, 100% painted by hand, which can be handed down for generations to come.
    • "Printed" and/or "Artist Enhanced": You will see or hear this terminology from time to time. This process is simply scanning a photograph, and then printing the photograph onto canvas using Large Format Printers. Some companies will use the term "Artist Enhanced," or actually say "Artist Painted." The truth is, that this process actually uses individuals to apply heavy paint strokes during, or immediately after, the printing process. This process is quite simply an enhanced print. This is a less expensive process and is not an Original Oil Portrait.
    • US Based "High Priced" Portrait Artist: These are US based Professional Portrait Artists, who paint actual Original Oil Portraits. The difference is that these Artist require 3-4 personal sittings, takes 3-6 months to produce, and cost from $5000-$50,000 each.
    • Mass Production Painting Factories: You may run across very low cost "Original" portrait sites, which quite simply, offer prices less than the cost of the canvas and materials. These are usually mass production facilities, located in China and Indonesia, and paint using inferior materials and unacceptable working conditions.
    We take your photo and carefully review it for obvious flaws and/or items that need correction or adjustment. Unlike some Portrait Companies, we do not email the photo directly to the Artist. We actually use a High Resolution Scanner (for photos mailed in), and then carefully review each photo. We then print a professional 8x10 photograph, which will be sent to our Portrait Artist and used to paint your Portrait. This assures the Highest Quality Portrait at the lowest possible cost.
  22. Do you have a guarantee?
    Due to the custom nature of portraits, we are not able to offer a money back guarantee. In the unlikely event you find something you would like us to correct, then simply take the following steps: make a color copy of the area in question. Note on the copy in very specific wording exactly what you would like us to fix. Then return the portrait to our studio. We will attempt to correct any noted request and will send you email copies before return shipping.

    Please understand that impression portraits are not realism and thus will not look exactly like the photo you submitted.
  23. What are my payment options?
    We accept all major Credit Cards which can easily be processed on our secure website. This will allow your Portrait to be processed immediately upon receipt. Of course, if you prefer, you can simply print an order form, and mail a check with your order. We require 100% payment, before your Artist will be assigned and order processed.
  24. Is using my Credit Card on your site secure?
    Yes, we maintain Secure Server Certificates, and it is perfectly safe to order online with your credit card.